1. This Programme rewards you for choosing to keep your dog/s Bobtail Strong by offering you 1 (one) month’s free Pet accident Benefits with the purchase of every Bobtail Dry Dog Food product.
    1. This Benefit is an agreement between you and RCL Group Services Proprietary Limited (“RCL”). Only you have rights under this Benefit.
      1. We’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ refer to RCL, the provider of this Benefit.
      2. You’, ‘your’ and ‘their’refer to the registered Bobtail Medi-Care Member, the beneficiary of this benefit Programme.
    1. Your Benefit is a legal contract. Your Benefit consists of these BOBTAIL MEDI-CARE RULES (this document), which outlines what you need to do in order to activate and claim your Benefit.
    2. Make sure you understand how to be awarded this Benefit, what the exclusions are, and what your responsibilities are.
    1. We are extending the Benefits described in these BOBTAIL MEDI-CARE RULES to registered, active and qualifying Bobtail Medi-Care Members for the period within which the members benefits are active. We undertake to assist you with free Pet accident Benefits provided that:
      1. you have registered your dog/s on the Bobtail website and qualify for the Benefit according to these BOBTAIL MEDI-CARE RULES;
      2. you comply with the terms and conditions of this Programme;
      3. you comply with your responsibilities under this Programme as shown under the section titled “Your responsibilities”; and
      4. no exclusions apply to the Benefit you are claiming against.
    1. By agreeing to this Benefit you consent to the collection, use, storage, disclosure, Processing and further Processing of your personal information (your name, ID number, cellphone number, address, personal preferences, and other personal information the you have provided to us).
    2. The purposes for Processing personal information is to: (i) facilitate this Programme; (ii) facilitate the your participation in the Programme; (iii) communicate with you and send direct marketing communication on Bobtail products and similar products via email and (iv) for market and product research.
    3. Should you object to the Processing of your personal information and/or receipt of direct marketing, you should send an email to
Accidentany accidental injury caused by an unforeseen and unintended event that results in physical harm to a Pet, for example motor vehicle accidents, burns, bite wounds, fractures, lacerations, etc but excludes the exclusions set out in “WHAT THE BENEFIT DOES NOT COVER – EXCLUSIONS”;
Benefitrefers to any one or more benefits that may be provided to you as a result of being an active Member as contemplated in clause 8;
Benefit start datea Member’s Benefit starts 30 (thirty) days after the Pet’s registration date;
Bobtail websiterefers to where a person can navigate to the Bobtail Medi-Care portal and register themselves as a Bobtail Medi-Care Member, as well as register their Pets and their monthly Pet food purchases;
Claimrefers to a claim made by you to receive a Benefit;
Householda household refers to all persons who are permanently living at the same address;
Memberrefers to any person registered as an active and qualifying Bobtail Medi-Care member;
Membership Yeara membership year is the 12 (twelve) month period starting on the 1st (first) of the month following the month in which a person registered as a Member, and any subsequent 12 (twelve) month period while they remain a Member;
Member’s registration datethe date a person registers as a Member on the Bobtail website;
Pet’s registration datethe date a Member registers a Pet for the Bobtail Pet Accident Benefit. This may be on the Member’s registration date or on a later date; and
Petthe dog/s registered on the Bobtail Medi-Care website. If the Member has more than one dog, then each dog must be registered to enjoy the Benefit.
    1. In order to qualify for the Bobtail Medi-Care Benefit for 1 (one) month, you must ensure the following:
      1. That you are registered as a Bobtail Medi-Care Member on the Bobtail website.
      2. That you purchase any of the below Bobtail Dry Dog Food bag sizes, in any available variant:
        1. 1.5kg (one point five kilograms);
        2. 1.75kg (one point seventy five kilograms);
        3. 5.5kg (five point five kilograms);
        4. 6kg (six kilograms);
        5. 6.5kg (six point five kilograms);
        6. 7kg (seven kilograms);
        7. 8kg (eight kilograms);
        8. 9kg (nine kilograms) (8kg + 1kg (eight kilograms plus one kilogram) FREE Limited Time Offer);
        9. 25kg (twenty five kilograms); or
        10. 50kg (fifty kilograms).
    2. You must:
      1. visit the Bobtail website and register your purchase and complete any required information to be compliant;
      2. upload your proof of purchase to complete the activation of your Benefit; and
      3. acknowledge that your Benefit is active on the final confirmation page of the purchase upload process on the Bobtail Medi-Care website.
      4. It is important to note that a minimum of 1 (one) bag of any of the above-mentioned Bobtail Dry Dog Food bag sizes must be bought in order to qualify for 1 (one) month’s worth of pet accident benefits for the registered pets within the Member’s household. If the bag size purchased provides more than 1 (one) month’s cover for a specific dog’s size based on Bobtails recommended feeding guidelines found on the back of packaging, then the member can choose the “re-use till slip” function for the following month when re-uploading the proof of purchase from the previous month. This re-upload will then be reviewed by the Bobtail Medi-Care support team to confirm whether the member qualifies for an extra month worth of benefits.
      5. A member may only be entitled to a maximum of 2 (two) months cover on the purchase of 1 (one) bag if the bag size purchased exceeds the monthly feeding requirement for their dog/s.
    1. Members can enjoy the Benefits of Bobtail Medi-Care subject to the terms and conditions contained in these BOBTAIL MEDI-CARE RULES. Any liability for any condition provided outside the scope of the conditions listed in this clause 8 is not a part of Bobtail Medi-Care.
    2. We will cover your liability for any Benefit that relates to the cost of veterinary expenses for the treatment of unexpected and unforeseen accidental injuries of Pets, except costs and treatments listed under clause 13 (Exclusions).
    3. The accidental injury to the Pet must be treated within the borders of South Africa.
    4. Treatment must be administered by any veterinarian or veterinary nurse who is registered with the South African Veterinary Council.
    1. Deductible: An amount of R500.00 (five hundred rand) (including VAT) will be deducted from every Claim settled.
    2. Claim limits: You will be compensated up to a maximum per Claim limit of R5 000.00 (five thousand rand) (including VAT) per registered Household.
    3. Annual limit: You can claim for your liability up to a maximum annual limit of R10 000.00 (ten thousand rand) (including VAT) per registered Household, per Membership Year.
    1. The Benefit is activated when you have successfully uploaded your proof of purchase for the current month which you are in, and the Bobtail Medi-Care Dashboard indicates that your benefit is active for that month.
    2. You can only claim for Benefits owing to your membership if your membership is active for the month in which your dog required treatment and the dog you are claiming for is registered as a Pet that you own.
    3. There is no cover before the Benefit start date or before a Pet’s registration date.
    1. Claims will be settled by making payment directly into a Member’s bank account as provided on the Claim form.
    1. For us to accept your Claim, the following conditions will apply to any Member receiving a Benefit:
      1. The Pet must belong to a registered Bobtail Medi-Care Member and you must be responsible for the Pet’s day-to-day wellbeing;
      2. The Pet must be listed on the Member’s profile on the Bobtail website;
      3. The Pet must be at least 8 (eight) weeks old at the date of the Accident;
      4. The Pet must reside at the physical address of the Member;
      5. The Pet must qualify for the Benefit according to the Bobtail Medi-Care Qualifying Rules;
      6. The Pet must be a dog; and
      7. The Pet must be treated within the borders of South Africa.
    1. We will only cover your liability under the Bobtail Medi-Care Programme for Benefits that relate to accidental injuries to the Member’s Pets. We do not cover the following:
      1. Dishonest, fraudulent or deliberate acts committed by you, your employees, Members or Members of their Households;
      2. Delay in the treatment of an injured Pet which can lead to further injury and complications;
      3. Treatment of illnesses such as diabetes and cancer;
      4. Routine care such as dentals and vaccinations;
      5. Ambulance fees and any other transport fees;
      6. Treatment of any pregnancy and related conditions;
      7. Voluntary euthanasia, burial or cremation;
      8. Any treatments after the date that a Member’s membership has ended;
      9. Veterinary expenses for a Pet that is not registered on the Bobtail website;
      10. Veterinary expenses owed by your Members, which is also covered by any other insurance policy, or if another person agrees to cover the Member’s veterinary expenses in the instance where that person’s animal was responsible for the Pet’s injuries; and
      11. Incidents that occurred outside the borders of South Africa.
    2. A Pet may not be used for any of the following:
      1. Dog sports such as racing, IPO, Agility, etc;
      2. As a police or guard dog, search and rescue dog, customs dog, quarantine dog or hunting dog;
      3. Laboratory testing or experimentation; and
      4. Commercial breeding.
    1. If a Member is found to be involved in fraudulent behaviour, we will deactivate the Member’s membership Benefits from the date the fraud is deemed to have taken place. The Member will lose their right to claim any Benefits.
    2. Example of fraudulent behaviour: Submitting false information or documentation about a Claim, or exaggerating the amount of a Claim.
    1. Notification of Claims: It is important to note that the Benefit is structured to re-imburse the Member for the medical costs relating to accidents that the registered pet may be prone to. You must notify us of a Claim by submitting a completed Claim form, detailed invoice and proof of payment via the Bobtail website, no later than 60 (sixty) days after the treatment date. The Claim form must be signed by the Member and their veterinarian. We may ask the veterinarian for further information or medical reports.
    2. Prescription – expiry of Claims: When a Claim prescribes, it means that you have lost your right to that Claim, and we will no longer be legally responsible to honour the Bobtail Medi-Care benefit against that Claim. The member must register a claim within 60 (sixty) days of the treatment date. Should we need more information to process the claim but the member fails to provide this within 12 (twelve) months from the treatment date, the claim will prescribe. Should the delay be caused by us as the 3rd (third) party insurer, the claim will not prescribe.
    1. For any queries about the Benefit or Claims, please contact us via the Bobtail Website or email directly.
    2. If we do not accept a claim or if you don’t agree with the amount of the claim, you may ask us to review our decision within 30 (thirty) days of the date that you received our notice.
    1. We may make changes to the Benefit at any time. We may change the terms and conditions of this policy at any time. A change might affect the annual limit per membership year, qualifying rules and the deductible. We will communicate these changes via the Bobtail website and other marketing mediums when the change is implemented.
    2. We reserve the right to reasonably extend, shorten, suspend the time period of this Programme or terminate the Programme for technical, commercial, and/or operational reasons, or for reasons beyond its control. This Programme and this Agreement may be reasonably amended by RCL, at any time during its duration. In such event, all Users waive any rights that they may have/purport to have in terms of this Programme and acknowledge that they shall have no recourse against RCL whatsoever.
  12. Your personal information may be forwarded to an external company for the purpose of processing claims on the benefit.