Get The Best Combination Of Vitamins For Your Dog


Our specially formulated VITARITE formula contains a mix of 23 essential vitamins and minerals to help keep your dog happy and healthy. 

Strong dogs can get a whole lot stronger depending on what vitamins you feed them. Vitamins play a significant role in improving your dog’s health and growth. When dogs, however, have an imbalanced or insufficient amount of vitamins and minerals in their diet, their bodies can have trouble protecting against, or healing from, injuries or illnesses.

Luckily, Bobtail – South Africa’s No1 Dog Food – contains all the necessary nutrients to help your dog stay strong. Some of the key nutrients found in our VITARITE formula include:

Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is just as important to dogs as it is to humans. This vitamin helps dogs fight illnesses and improves their healing. Intense stress and sickness can deplete the vitamin C found in a dog’s body. The lack of it during a dog’s infancy can even lead to stunted growth and recurring health issues. Our specially formulated VITARITE formula contains a mix of this vitamin, and other minerals, to help boost your dog’s immune system. Give your dog an edge over any sickness.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A gives dogs keen eyesight. It plays an important role in developing and maintaining a dog’s night vision. Vitamin A deficiencies can lead to poor quality of skin and fur. Our VITARITE formula contains a fat-soluble version of this vitamin which helps with the renewal of your dog’s skin. This also helps it maintain a healthy, shiny coat. After all, strong dogs need to look good too! Feed them the vitamins they need to look as strong as they feel.

Vitamin D

It’ll take more than a day of exercising in the sun to give your strong dog enough vitamin D. This sunshine vitamin helps dogs develop strong bones and healthy teeth. Our special VITARITE formula has the essentials for the strengthening and protection of teeth and bones. Keep the power in their bite by keeping this vitamin in their diet.

Your dog relies on you to help keep it strong. Feed it the food of champions.

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