With a variety of nutritional dry food, meal enhancers and treats, Bobtail has been a trusted staple in households for over 30 years. Keeping proudly South African dogs happy, healthy and strong.

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Strong South African dogs deserve quality South African food. That’s why feeding them Bobtail with Vitarite, which contains 23 essential vitamins and minerals, keeps them proud, strong and undoubtedly South African.


It’s hard to miss a strong dog. They’re strongerrr, happierrr dogs that jump higherrr and run fasterrr.

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#StrongDogs AreBetter

There’s only one thing we care about and that’s keeping your dog happy and healthy. It’s why we take care to ensure that every tasty morsel of Bobtail® contains what your dog needs to stay by your side through all of life’s exciting adventures.

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Bobtail® VITARITE® 8kg Steak Flavour, 2-1 Adult Steak Flavour and Puppy Milky Bones Dry Food
For Strong, South African Dogs

Bobtail® with VITARITE® provides your dog with a nutritionally complete pet food that’ll keep their tail wagging.

Strong dogs are happier

A dog’s ultimate strength should be measured by the power of their smile. Bobtail® with VITARITE® provides vitamins and minerals that could boost your dog’s immune system – and their mood (Human giggles not included).

Strong Dogs are tougher

Bobtail® with VITARITE® has calcium and phosphorous for strong, healthy teeth. What’s the strangest thing you’ve caught your strong dog sinking their teeth into?

Strong Dogs see better

Good nutrition begins with the right ingredients. You’ll see the difference in your best friend since giving them Bobtail®

Introducing your dog to Bobtail® with Vitarite®

Always ensure that your pooch has plenty of fresh water available to drink.

Day 1 & 2 - 30/70

Day 3 & 4 - 50/50

Day 5 & 6 - 70/25

Day 7 - 100%