Everyday dry food

Bobtail® has created a nutritious formula that dogs just love. Veterinarians will agree that good nutrition starts with good ingredients. That’s why Bobtail® with VITARITE® contains 23 essential vitamins and minerals, along with a perfectly balanced combination of animal-based protein, cereals and vegetable derivatives. Bobtail® with VITARITE® provides your dog with a nutritionally complete pet food that’ll keep that tail wagging for years to come.

Nutrients Benefits
1. Vitamin A For good vision
2. Vitamin D For healthy bones and teeth
3. Vitamin E Promotes healthy skin
Helps maintain the body’s natural defences
4. Calcium
5. Phosphorous 
Helps build strong bones and teeth
6. Potassium For good muscle tone
7. Magnesium For strong and healthy bones
8. Iron For an active dog
9. B Vitamins (all 7) B1 to assist with maintenance of nerve and muscle function
B2 for healthy skin
16. Sodium
17. Chloride
For the regulation of body fluids and drinking
18. Copper
19. Zinc
For healthy blood and healthy metabolism
20. Selenium Boosts the immune system
21. Manganese Plays a role in fat and carbohydrate metabolism and calcium absorption
22. Iodine For the normal metabolism of cells
23. Vitamin K Assists with building strong bones and healthy blood