Bobtail® with Vitarite Chicken Flavour


Medium to Large Dog Breeds

Bobtail® with Vitarite meets the needs of all breeds of strong South African dogs. Even though Bobtail® with Vitarite will satisfy all of your dog’s nutritional requirements, you should still pay attention to the size of the portions, based on your pet’s breed, age and weight.

Available in 1.75kg, 7kg, 8kg, 15kg, 25kg

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Healthy Skin & Coat

Bobtail® with VITARITE® contains fat soluble vitamins for the renewal of your dog's skin as well as minerals for the maintenance of healthy skin and a shiny coat.

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Strong Teeth & Bones

Bobtail® with VITARITE® contains calcium and phosphorus which is essential for the strengthening and protection of bones and teeth.

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Muscle Strength & Agility

With the correct combination of protein, fat and carbohydrates, Bobtail® with VITARITE® will assist in the development of strong active dogs.​

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Healthy Immune System

Bobtail® with VITARITE® contains a combination of vitamins and minerals that may stimulate the immune system.

Introducing your dog to Bobtail® with Vitarite®

Always ensure that your pooch has plenty of fresh water available to drink.

Day 1 & 2 - 30/70

Day 3 & 4 - 50/50

Day 5 & 6 - 70/25

Day 7 - 100%

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