Bobtail® Gravy with Chunks Chicken Flavour


All size dogs

Bobtail® Nature’s Best™ Gravy with Chunks is a convenient way to enhance your dog’s main meal. A combination of tender chunks and savoury sauce delivers maximum taste enjoyment. So, don’t feel guilty about feeding your dog only dry dog food – add a delicious topping to bring out their best!

Available in:
Steak, Chicken, Liver & Lamb flavours

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Healthy Skin & Coat

Bobtail® with VITARITE® contains fat soluble vitamins for the renewal of your dog's skin as well as minerals for the maintenance of healthy skin and a shiny coat.

Strong Teeth & Bones

Bobtail® with VITARITE® contains calcium and phosphorus which is essential for the strengthening and protection of bones and teeth.

Muscle Strength & Agility

With the correct combination of protein, fat and carbohydrates, Bobtail® with VITARITE® will assist in the development of strong active dogs.​

Healthy Immune System

Bobtail® with VITARITE® contains a combination of vitamins and minerals that may stimulate the immune system.

Introducing your dog to Bobtail® with Vitarite®

Always ensure that your pooch has plenty of fresh water available to drink.